Bussiness Introduction Equipment

  • Design Produce Setting
  • Suggestion Of Setting up
  • Sales

Provide and build the best research environment.

Proposed total research facilities while top priority and purpose of human behavior to work, was also considered safety and economic efficiency. In addition, follow-up conducted attentive. As well as the remodeling of small-scale facilities, will correspond to the motto of polite kindness

Business products

『More better operational environment』,promise as standing on the side of researchers. About setting up and improvement of fume hood,biological clean room,laboratory table,kinds of brand equipments and analysis instruments,please do not hesitate to talk to us.
Based on your plan and needs,make your dream come true.

Design & produce & set up research equipments

Chemical boothChemical booth

Glove box isolatorGlove box isolator

  • Laboratory table kinds of
  • Laboratory booth /
      Chemical booth
  • Bio hazard / Chemical hazard
  • Design & plan of laboratory
      and office
  • Fume hood / Part exhaust device
  • Glove box isolator
  • Exhaust gas cleaning device

Produce process design, produce & set up of equipment

Micro dispensing deviceMicro dispensing device

Auto air shower deviceAuto air shower device

  • Air shower booth dust catcher
  • Sterile cleaning device
  • Clean room
  • Operation support instrument
  • Pass box
  • Clean booth (laminar flow)
  • laboratory booth
  • Dry booth
  • Special order

Construction work

  • Gas supply-gas drainage pipe work
  • Water supply-water drainage
      sanitary facilities
  • Electricity wire work
  • Specialty gas pipe work
  • Air-conditioner work

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