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Reagents Chemicals Business
Import For Abroad
Disposal Of Waste Chemicals
Recycle Of Waste Gas Cylinders
Design & Set Up Research Equipments
Suggest & Sale Equipments

Osaka Yakken totally support you, with our experiment in reagent business, from setting up equipments to disposal of waste reagents.

Offer advanced technology,information & service for all researchers who are creating a cutting-edge age.
Osaka yakken provide you the newest technology & needs for your research and technological exploitation. Get kinds of information of reagents and equipments over the world,provide you the best service. Transport & dispose waste liquid and waste reagents for the environment.

Bussiness Introduction Reagent

Offer you believable brand reagents. Provide you excellent reagents in bioscience,lifescience, fine chemicals and medicals.

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For Satisfying all customers' needs, gathering reagents,analysis equipment and other kinds of product from bioscience to environment analysis,heading for the reality of higher technological development and higher R&D.

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import of regeats and equipments


Osaka Yakken faces to the world, offers you kinds of reagents and equipments overseas.

Manufacture over worldwide

Kishida Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Based on chemical and reagents, Kishida devoted extending drug research, life science,new energy into improving the whole support system, especially for developing unique chemical reagents, being a leading company in Japan.

the General Agency of China Plasmed Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Main products of PLASMED
Business:produce and sale medical plastics
liquid treatment products
desktop laboratory equipment
medical plastics


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Carbon Analyzer G series powder silicon

Osaka Yakken is the unique sales of powder silicon--StanSil-G03A


Click here >>to Carbon Analyzer G series homepage

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